Therapy in english

A short resume in english

I do therapy in English as well since I took my education as a Gestalt Psychotherapist at an international institute. I am a member of “The Danish assosiation of Psychotherapists” which is a mark of quality in Denmark. This is a short resume of my homepage.

Do you have stress, anxiety or depression then you might also know the feeling of tension in your body, challenges with breathing, heart beating fast or an overall feeling of unrest. Through therapy you will get tools to be able to handle everyday life and step by step also the ability to handle these feelings. We will also look into why you have this feeling, what creates it right now and how to deal with it.

It could also be that you feel out of sync at you job, social or in your family. You can work with this in therapy so can function in your daily life again. Or maybe there have been an incident in your life problems in your relations, a divorce, lost a person dear to you, a need for personal development etc. this we can work through together. A specialist subject for me is adoption. I myself is adopted and I have helped many adoptees in this matter.

Your life is about living and not just survive, and I can help you - if you let me!

I do therapy both for individuals, couples and in groups. And I also do therapy online. Give me a call for a for a noncommittal conversation and we will find the best solution for you!